Public and Media Relations

Public and Media Relations


We can help you launch a new product or service with your best foot foward.

“Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” Sonya Parker

When promoting a new product or service online, you’re afforded on average between 10-20 seconds to make an impression on your prospective clients. Amid the noise of your competitors, what sort of first impression do you want to make? Will your first impression be memorable? Will you have opportunities for follow-on impressions? We can help you conduct market analysis and develop strategic campaigns to maximize your impact on the Internet.


Marketing Analysis

Before launching a new product or service, it is critical to conduct marketing analysis to identify your potential market, assess your competition, and plan your approach. We’ll help you gather information, segment your target market, identify trends, and design a strategy that will grow your brand.


Press Releases

Targeted press release campaigns, fortified by strategic social media marketing, are among the most effective ways to draw new clients to your products and services. We can help you plan, write, schedule, and publish stories and news releases about your company’s products, events, promotions, and more!


Media Endorsement

Media interviews are a great way to market your brand, but finding and preparing for these opportunities can be challenging for new companies. We’ll use our network to identify interview opportunities for your company, and we’ll use our publishing expertise to prepare you for your time in the spotlight.

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