Community Management

Community Management


Our professional community managers can help your community thrive.

For Internet-based enterprises, community managers serve as the foundation for image promotion, customer care, and business development. While they come from a diverse set of backgrounds, they are universally characterized by one trait in particular: resourcefulness. They are problem solvers, whose day-to-day responsibilities frequently change. They know how to advance a company’s interests while balancing resources, prioritizing activities, and managing their time effectively.

Community managers are truly the backbone of a profitable online venture.


Brand Management and Promotion

Positive brand recognition is central to the success of any aspiring company or personality. Community managers serve as your primary brand advocate, fostering brand loyalty, overseeing reputation management, and ensuring consumer satisfaction.


Advertising and Marketing

The impact of traditional advertising has declined significantly in recent years, largely due to consumer desensitization. Community managers can help you conduct market research and tailor your advertising strategy to increase its reach and efficacy.


Networking and Outreach

In a globalized, Internet-driven economy, business development is rarely a zero-sum game. Community managers will identify and explore possible symbiotic relationships, which can raise your company’s visibility and lead to lucrative partnerships.


Content Creation

Communication is paramount to your ability to connect with your clients and support your customers. Community managers can serve as your public relations officers, publishing official communications through your website and social media accounts.


Customer Relations

Community managers are the public-facing representatives of your organization. They lead customer support, forum administration and moderation, dispute management, customer advocacy, and similar items to ensure that your community functions smoothly.


Events and Giveaways

A happy community is a vibrant community, and a vibrant community is profitable. Community managers can develop fun and rewarding events for your users and clients, including forum games, live streams, giveaways, in-game events, and more, all tailored to your venue!

Cost: $20.00 USD/hr (negotiable)

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