Community Architecture

Community Architecture


Create a strong, vibrant community to support your products, hobbies, and more.

New forum communities are created every single day. A few of these communities succeed, while many more fail. Numerous elements can ultimately lead to the advancement or demise of a community: styling, organization, ease of navigation, imaginative content, fairness and impartiality, human capital, search engine optimization, and dozens of other considerations.

Valour Corp staff members have been publishing large, successful communities for many years. We maintain expertise in not only the technical features of various forum software, but also in styling trends, best practices, monetization, and more. Drawing from this body of knowledge, we can help you plan and implement a vibrant community to support your products, services, talents, and interests.

Step 1: Planning



The success or failure of an online community is often determined by its design. Forum styling, organization, navigation, and other features will represent your “first impression” to potential users. These elements can determine whether or not a user will return to your community.

Step 2: Policies

Policies and Processes


According to St. Thomas Aquinas, just laws must be established for the common good and properly promulgated. Your users cannot be fairly held to unwritten standards. Drawing from years of experience, we can provide templates for reasonable policies and guidelines.

Step 3: Personnel

Staff Recruitment and Training


Organizations develop their own, unique culture organically throughout the course of their advancement. This can create confusion for incoming staff members, unless your organizational culture is identified and memorialized in staff training guides.

Step 4: Profit

Community Monetization


As your community expands, its costs will inevitably rise, but so will its value. Companies want the attention of your users! We can help you turn your hard work into revenue through digital ad sales, peer reviews, premium account promotions, and a variety of other techniques.


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